Have 'strange mummies' been discovered in Mexico?  Here's what we know

On Tuesday whereas Testifying under oath before the Mexican Congress, journalist and journalist José Jaime Mosan Flota shocked the world with two bins that he claimed contained the our bodies of deceased extraterrestrial guests. It isn’t shocking that social media is abuzz with these reviews. Nevertheless, is it legitimate?


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“They’re non-human beings and usually are not a part of our earthly evolution.”

Who’s Jaime Mosan?

This isn’t the primary time the controversial ufologist has made uncommon claims about discoveries of alien corpses. In 2015, Jaime Mosan led an occasion referred to as Be Witness the place he unveiled what he claimed to be Mummified UFO Which he supposedly found in Peru. It’s found that the mummified corpse belongs to an historical human baby. In 2017, he labored with a pseudoscience web site referred to as Gaia.com to as soon as once more declare to have discovered a mummified alien, a declare that additionally didn’t pan out.

What did Musan say this time?

“That is the primary time that (extraterrestrial life) has been offered on this method and I believe there may be clear proof that we’re coping with non-human specimens which are unrelated to every other species in our world.” Mosan told lawmakers.

final translation His statements acknowledged: “At the moment, the Pentagon has not agreed to publish this data and permit members of Congress to view these organic stays. At this second we’ll uncover these our bodies, in line with the scientists who will announce them right here.” “They don’t seem to be human.”

Mosan Also claimed“They’re beings, non-human beings, who usually are not a part of our earthly evolution, and after our disappearance we don’t (imagine) that there might be subsequent evolution.”

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“I believe there may be clear proof that we’re coping with non-human specimens which are unrelated to every other species in our universe.”

Who else was there?

The supposed aliens have been uncovered earlier than the Mexican Congress. One outstanding American was current: Former Marine Lieutenant Ryan Graveswho testified earlier than america Congress in July about UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena, a extra formal phrase for UFO), together with some that he mentioned he encountered firsthand whereas on energetic responsibility.

The place and the way did they discover these “foreigners”?

Mosan says A pair of mummified aliens have been found in a diatom mine in Cusco, Peru. Mosan offered them in wood bins on Tuesday through the first public congressional hearings held by the Mexican authorities on UAPs.

What do aliens appear to be?

The alleged aliens resemble creatures from the low-budget film “E.T.” Every alien is considerably human-like: a head with eyes, nostril, and mouth, in addition to a torso with legs and arms. Nevertheless, every alien has a horizontally elongated head, in addition to three slender fingers on their arms. Their eyes, noses, and mouths additionally seem a lot smaller than human eyes. Mosan mentioned that X-rays revealed eggs inside certainly one of them and that each have been implanted with extraordinarily uncommon metals. One professional claimed so DNA tests found 30% DNA from the alleged bodies It was unknown.

How outdated are these supposed aliens?

According to MosanThe Nationwide Autonomous College of Mexico carried out carbon-14 courting on the alleged our bodies and decided they have been between 700 and 1,800 years outdated.

So how wholesome are these creatures?

Graves, who testified that he believes UAPs are actual, He denounced the supposed corpses On “backwards on this subject.”

He added that his testimony was on his first-hand experiences and on UAP reviews from industrial and army aircrews. “I’ll proceed to boost consciousness about UAP as a urgent matter of aviation security, nationwide safety and science, however I’m deeply dissatisfied by this baseless stunt,” Greaves mentioned.

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